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In order to keep up with customer orders, you can use the Invoice or Sales Receipt features. Accessible from both Customer profile and the main Customer Center screen, an invoice or a Sales Receipt can be created in minutes. It comes especially handy on the go, when you can process the customer order, receive a payment, and even send the receipt via email. The difference between an Invoice and a Sales Receipt is the Payment. The Invoice option should be used when a customer has placed the order but has not paid you the full amount yet.  Using an Invoice is great for Payment Plans. You also have the option to determine the due date for the payment. The Due Date feature allows you to keep track of open invoices. If the due date approaches, you will see the invoice in your dashboard in the "Invoice Due" report. This will give you ample time to notify your customers and collect payments on time.

A Sales Receipt allows you to process customer orders and to receive their payment in the same screen. Both Invoices and Sales Receipts are great for tracking your CDS orders.

Our user, Cheryl, had the following question in regard to invoices & sales receipts:

Cheryl: I’m a Queen of Sales this quarter, and I have a lot of customers with Payment plans. Is there a way I can post payments in installments?

Hero at UnitWise: Yes, Cheryl! It is very easy to post partial payments in UnitWise. You can choose from different forms of payment: cash, check, credit cards, and even processed credit card if the card has been charged elsewhere previously.

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