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Contact Groups

The more customers you have the better it is for your business! But how do you organize all your customers in easy to manage groups? With UnitWise all your contacts can be placed in Contact groups. Many groups are created by default; these include Active Customers and Team Members for example. You can also create many groups of your own based on the criteria you prefer: City, Zip code, and Preferred Customer Contact groups can be used for Email marketing, address labels and, simply, for a future reference: ""Customers that bought Timewise set"" would be a good example if you wanted to send email marketing to a specific customer group.

Here is a conversation between Amy and one of our support Heroes about Contact Groups in UnitWise.

Emily: I have so many Customers that sometimes I have no idea where business really comes from. Is there a way that UnitWise could help me track how many customers I have that I have met in a Party, Class, Etc?

Hero at UnitWise: Yes, Amy, You can create contact groups called Class, Party, etc. Then when you add a new customer you can simply select that this customer belongs to a particular group. Later you can always look up how many customers you have in each group and make you marketing decisions based on that.

Emily: Oh, that sounds nice! I would like to send a postcard to my neighbors to let them know that I have a special going on for them. How do get a list my neighbors?

Hero at UnitWise: Oh, that is very easy. Start by creating a group called “Neighbors” then to add members use the Advanced Search option by Zip code. All you have to do is add them all at once by checking the boxes next to their name. You can even send a flyer in a snap by using the group you are creating in our Address Labels feature.

Contact Groups Videos

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