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About UnitWise

Back in 2009, UnitWise was established when a MK Director, Carrie, was looking for a better way to manage her business. She was unable to find a business management tool to fit her needs as a MK Director. Carrie’s husband, Agie, saw an opportunity to help his wife and the Mary Kay community! Our founders, Agie and Naga, came together to create UnitWise, the ultimate business management solution specifically designed for NSDs, Directors, and independent beauty consultants. Carrie and other prominent Directors played a huge role in ensuring UnitWise met all the needs of Directors in the Mary Kay community.

Why are you called “Heroes?”

At the start, our support team members were all men, so they called themselves the Heroes of UnitWise because everyone deserves a hero to lend a helping hand. So even though we are currently all women, we still consider ourselves Heroes, and we have sworn an oath to provide the pinnacle of customer support while maintaining a glamorous sheen.

UnitWise Overview

UnitWise for iPad

UnitWise For iPad

UnitWise is with you everywhere you go. Download the free UnitWise app on any iPad or Android tablet.

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