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The Ultimate Business Management Solution for Beauty Consultants

Designed Specifically for NSDs, Directors, and Independent Beauty Consultants.

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What is UnitWise?

UnitWise is a full-service business management program specifically designed for the beauty consultant community. Our exclusive features are proven to save you time and money while managing every aspect of your beauty business.

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Who is UnitWise for?

UnitWise is designed to meet the needs of all members of the MK community! We are an all inclusive beauty business management software solution for NSDs, Directors, and Independent Beauty Consultants.

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What UnitWise can do for you...

Take control of your business and achieve your goals with UnitWise. Our software features fully equipped accounting, inventory management solutions, marketing reports, and so much more! Our fantastic customer service representatives are always available to answer any questions and provide insider advice.

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Follow in the Footsteps of These Great Leaders and Advance Your Career With UnitWise

Exclusive Features

Manage clients, inventory, marketing, sales, website and much more, all from your personal dashboard!


UnitWise is the leading business management tool for your MK business. Easily manage client information, products inventory, shipping orders, social media platforms, and more from your personal dashboard.


UnitWise makes creating and implementing effective marketing strategies simple and straightforward.


Tracking your finances has never been easier! Generate detailed reports, track financial records, process customers sales, and more with UnitWise.

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